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A World of Darkness

In a world where every conspiracy theory, every myth, fable and urban legend is true, ancient societies pull the strings and decide our fate. Forced into alliance by circumstance, the Nine Traditions stand united against the Technocracy, but remain divided in pursuit of power. Nowhere is this simmering conflict more evident than in Las Vegas, city of neon and illusion. Like the Tarot card that symbolizes the city, Las Vegas’ mages flirt with the Devil but yearn for the Star. In the lavish casinos, on the decadent Strip, and in the silent deserts, the gods tally each soul’s due, while mages struggle against their rivals to tip the scales of Karma in their favor.

Character Resources

Use the following as a resource for your mage.

Character Creation

Use the following when creating your mage for the second season chronicle, Mirror Lands.

Main Page

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