Step Three

Prelude Questions

When preparing for a role, an actor does his homework, hashing out details that probably won’t show up on stage but might inform his performance. In the same vein, we recommend answering various questions about your mage before the tale begins. This way, you’ve got a solid foundation for your character, turning that list of Traits and facts into a vital, Awakened mage.

1. How Old Are You?
2. How Would Others Describe Your Appearance?
3. Where and How Were You Raised?
4. What Were You Brought Up to Believe?
5. What is Your Favorite and least Favorite things?
6. Who Inspires You?
7. Do You Have any Recurring Mannerisms?
8. What is Your Greatest Strength and Weakness?
9. How Would Your Parents Describe You?
10. What Do You Do to Relax?

11. How Did You First Encounter Magick?
12. How Do Your Beliefs Determine Your Focus?
13. Who Taught You How to Use Your Magick?
14. How Did You Join Your Faction?
15. What is Your Opinion of Your Faction? What is Your Faction’s Opinion on You?
16. How Do You See Your Avatar and the Relationship Between You Both?
17. How does Your Avatar Communicate with You?
18. How do You Deal with Paradox?
19. How do You Train and Progress in Your Magick?

20. Do You have Any Remaining Friends or Family? How Do You Deal with Them?
21. Where Do You Live Now? How do You Survive in Modern Society?

Experience Costs

  • Attribute: current rating x 4
  • New Ability 3
  • Ability: 3
  • Background: current rating x 3
  • New Sphere: 10
  • Affinity Sphere: current rating x 7
  • Other Sphere: current rating x 8
  • Arete: current rating x 8
  • Willpower: current rating x 1

Step Three

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