Guide to the Supernatural

Mage Groups

The following are known chantries that operate within Las Vegas and the Nevada region.

AEC: Located at Nellis Air Force Base, the Advanced Energy Commission is dedicated to high-tech research, exploring new forms of energy and their application. Originally known as the Atomic Energy Commission, their projects encompassed both its testing ranges and those of the Nevada Test Site. Whatever the labs find, they are careful to keep hidden until the Time Table allows its release. As a result of their position, the AEC has also inherited the unenviable position of guarding the operations in Hoover Dam.

Black Pyramid: Centered in the Sun Chamber beneath the Luxor, this multi-Tradition chantry steeped in the secrets of the Egyptians is dedicated to making contact with the lost leadership of the Nine Traditions. From its pinnacle, the brightest beam of light in the world pierces the depths of space searching for the higher powers. It maintains a number of relations with out-of-town mages, who often use its ceremonial facilities when they pass through town, usually in exchange for information or Tass.

Big Spring: If there is an environmental cause to be championed in the Las Vegas area, the Big Spring chantry will be at the forefront shouting through their megaphone, organizing protests, and getting in the faces of any offending bigwigs and politicians who stand in their way. Their primary causes are water conservation and indigenous property rights. The chantry has amassed a sizeable network of concerned citizens, regional conservation groups, and national environmental representatives to aid in their cause. Dedicated to protecting the legendary Big Spring Node from discovery and exploitation, they don’t have a central meeting place or even access to their namesake’s node, for its location is a mystery even to them – a mystery they’ll die to keep unsolved.

Buona Fortuna Security Services: Buona Fortuna Security Services is one of the largest independently owned security organizations in the Las Vegas area, and their clientele consists almost exclusively of casinos. The edge, of course, comes from the “special services” the Security Services offers to its clients. Spells designed to thwart supernatural mischief – makers and cheaters, as well as a staff of professional, discreet and effective operatives make Buona Fortuna a force to be reckoned with. Buona Fortuna is one of those rare groups who can skate untouched through both Tradition and Technocrat society. The local Technocratic mages value Buona Fortuna and look the other way at the Reality Deviants the security company uses to get the job done. The local Tradition mages value Buona Fortuna, primarily because Buona Fortuna has made Las Vegas a neutral ground between the two rival societies.

Cloud Room: Centered in the Stratosphere tower, this Construct is mainly dedicated to making money for its all-Syndicate membership. The Cloud Room has had a hand in negotiating development deals, sales of property, construction management, and venture capital interests for most of the major hotels and casinos on the Strip. The Cloud Room keeps the money flowing, sending in mediators to smooth over the bumps in contract negotiation, who resolves their investment ledgers from the furthest million down to the last decimal. If there’s a property to be built, best believe that the Cloud Rom knows about it and is already drafting the legal paperwork and moving the money to make it a reality.

Other Groups: There are currently several cabals from the Nine Traditions in the city of Las Vegas, preparing for the upcoming “New Horizon Convocation" on December 21st, the Longest Night of the Year. At this year’s Convocation, a new leadership will be appointed to lead the Traditions. This new leadership will be known as the New Horizon Council, replacing the old Council of Nine that was destroyed in 1999. Because of the secrecy involved in the ritual and the meeting place, the cabals have been preparing security for the Convocation for the last few months. This means that there have been a increase number of Tradition mages within the city of neon and illusions.

Guide to the Supernatural

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