Katherine Jones


A robust Latina in her early 30s with a petite body and long blonde hair. At first glance, Katherine Jones doesn’t look dangerous, but looks can be deceiving. She almost always wears a jacket of some kind to disguise the concealed weapons she carries at all times. While on the job, she has been known to dress as a dealer, a bartender and even a showgirl on occasion. Despite the grave nature of her work, Katherine remains untainted and unscarred.

Formerly a member of House Janissary of the Order of Hermes, now Katherine spends her time working with Skip McQueen at Buona Fortuna and protecting the population of Las Vegas from the darker supernatural elements. With her partner, Ozymandias Cody, she works to keep the streets safe, the gaming fair, and the balance maintained between Technocracy owned interests and Tradition mages.

She still gets the cold shoulder now and then from other Hermetic mages for her affiliation with her former house, but she shrugs it off. Most of her friends in the Order are dead or gone, so she’s made new friends in other Traditions. Nobody goes too far with any criticisms, however, knowing that she can knock the living daylights out of most of them.

Katherine is a nominal Catholic, as is her family, who live in the Las Vegas area. Her father’s nickname for her was Kitty, and the only other person to call her that is Jacob Torgue, her ex-boyfriend. Her relationship with Jacob is troublesome at best. They once were partners in a new detective agency until relationship complications drew them apart. Katherine often bumps heads with Jacob whenever they’re involved on the same case for Buona Fortuna, with Ozymandias acting as a referee.

After the events of the Algiers Hotel and Casino, Jacob learns that Katherine is the mother of his five year old son, Jason.

After the events of Sin Eater, Katherine is no longer employed with Buona Fortuna.


Katherine Jones

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