Jacob Torgue



Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Survivor
Essence: Primordial
Affiliation: Order of Hermes
Sect: House Shae
Concept: Private Detective

Ability – Physical – 4

Dexterity 3
Stamina 3
Strength 2

Ability – Social – 6

Appearance 2
Charisma 4 Trust
Manipulation 3

Ability – Mental – 8

Intelligence 3
Perception 4 Discrepancies
Wits 4 Intuition

Attributes – Talents – 16

Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 2, Empathy 2, Expression 1, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 2

Attributes – Skills – 10

Drive 1, Firearms 5 handguns, rifles, Larceny 1, Meditation 1, Stealth 2

Attributes – Knowledges – 20

Academics 2, Computer 1, Enigmas 2 , Investigation 4 spotting clues, Law 3, Occult 1, Science 1, Technology 1, Area Knowledge (Las Vegas) 3, Law Enforcement 2

Backgrounds – 10

Allies 3, Avatar 2, Certification 3, Resources 2

Merits – 6/Flaws – 4

Acute Senses (Sight) 1, Poker Face 2, Ties (Local Police) 3,
Addiction (Cigarettes) 1, Rivalry (Ex-Girlfriend; Katherine) 3

Spheres – 12

Coresspondence 3, Entropy 4, Mind 2, Time 3


Everything is Chaos – You Only Think it Makes Sense, Everything is Data


Gutter Magick


cards and dice, tricks and illusions, household tools, clocks, symbols, thought forms, maps


Bruised -0
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5
Incapacitated Unconscious


Arete 5
Quintessence 2
Willpower 7
Freebie Points Spent: 3 Arete dots (12 pts) + 2 Willpower dots (2 pts) + 3 merits (6 pts) + 7 Ability dots (14 pts) = 34 – 30 freebie points – 4 flaws = 0
Experience Points 1/11


Carries a Glock 17 and Deployable Baton and wears a Kevlar Vest at all times. 2 Six-sided Dice, a Lucky Coin, Playing Cards. “Detective’s Kit” (Badge, Notepads, Pens, Flaslight, Cameras, etc)



This is stupid. Why am I writing this?

I guess when you can see the ins and outs of time, you realize how easy it is to forget things. Erase them. Change them. Maybe that’s why I want to do this. A reminder of sorts, peace of mind maybe.

Jacob Torgue, age 30. It is currently eight-twenty two in the evening on thursday, October 3rd, 2000. Born to Wendy and Travis Torgue on June 27th, 1970. Born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada. No family, parents died in a car accident my third year on the Force.

Back up. Bachelors in Criminal Law, LVU. Mom was a Court Attorney and dad a Detective. Good people, good parents. Didn’t deserve to die like that but I’m biased.

Fuck this was a stupid idea.

Okay its now October 4th, 2000. Two AM. So yeah, it was pretty much inevitable I would have some future in Law. Court was boring so I became a cop, which was a lot more boring than I thought it would be. Four years as a uniform, during which I studied and got that Bachelors. Made Sergeant a few weeks before mom and dad died.

Found out shooting my gun at the range helped get all the bad out. Got real good at it. Good enough for SWAT anyway and I wasn’t feeling like being a Detective anymore. Four more years as a door kicker before I ran into Nasira at the Egyptian place. Kind of silly, serving Egyptian food and being House Shae.

We talked after we both saw me walk into the place four times in a row. Never did find out what those weird visions were each time the loop occured. We both chalked it up to my magic awakening.

Being one of the few men in the South-Western United States as a member of House Shae isn’t as glamorous as you might think. Everyone seems to think if you’re a guy in Shae, you’re entitled to a harem for some reason. Not even gonna comment on that.

Eventually retired to focus on magic, at least for a few years. It was easy. Too easy, apparently, as I started getting the shoulder from my housemates. Turns out I was the nail that stuck out as some kind of prodigy. Even when I tried to be more private, I was a disruptive presence, breeding jealousy among the House so I secluded myself here in Vegas.

Not a lot of Papyrus and actual working Anhks around here. Started experimenting with substitutes, combinations, alterations. Using my brand of Gutter Magik wasn’t endearing me to anyone but I’ve long stopped carrying about their opinions. Piss and moan all they want, I get the job done. If they work in Vegas they work through me. Or did, anyway.

At least Nasira still talks to me. Sends me a box of Dates every once and awhile. Nice of her.

I decided to dust off my shooting skills. Like riding a bike as they say and soon I put them to use as a firearms instructor. Good reputation meant good business. Then I met her there.

In order: guns, magic, sex, a private investigative agency, bitterness, jealousy, sex, pregnancy scare, shouting, punching, weapons discharge, more sex and then relocation across town. Now we just don’t talk or get in shooting range of one another if we can help it. No more hate but that rivalry that used to make things exciting is just another part of the DMZ between us.

I haven’t had a relationship in awhile.

So, why a Private Investigator? When I was growing up, I used to get nightmares. The usual kid stuff, monsters under the bed and such, but I always had an active imagination which made it hard for my folks to convince me otherwise. So for an hour or so my folks and I would sit on the couch and watch Nick at Night on the TV until we passed out. Our favorites were always the old Detective movies or even Dick Tracey re-runs. I always passed out before the end and had to ask my parents how it finished.

That’s probably where my obsession for the truth came about, really. I try not to give into it but I know myself. The truth will set you free isn’t quite quite it but I don’t think there’s a more powerful force in the Universe. The truth gives us power, it gives us meaning and foundation. It gives us something to fight back against those with or without power or authority. The truth gives us comfort and safety. Think about it.

Dunno how Scruff Mc’Gruff fits into the whole of things but he pops up now and then. Subconscious association with justice and law maybe? Whatever, Scruff’s cool. Stay in school, take a bite out of crime, yada-yada…

Moving on.

Business was good, things were looking up and then one day I blacked out and woke up months later in a Sanitarium. Business was no longer good and I had to pull some strings just to get my certifications and licenses renewed. With “crazy” under personal history, not a lot of people trust you to be confidential. Or with a gun, so I was starting to slide into debt.

Until just like all the damn cliches about Detectives out there I got the offer I couldn’t refuse that leads me from a simple missing persons case to Vampire Killer and culminating in Savior of Vegas. And possibly the Western Seaboard.

Now I work with Bueno Fortuna Security as an out of house consultant. A tactical move on their part after witnessing a single altercation in the office between me and my Ex. But business is better. They mostly have me showing their guys how and when to shoot. Mages tend to think Magic is a substitution for actual training. Its why I try not to use it if I can. Spend too much time on crutches and the day you lose them, you fall flat on your face.

They keep me on retainer. I think they know more than they let on and want me within reaching distance. They also know until my reputation gets repaired I’m stuck with them. With the MiB knowing who I am and keeping a closer eye on me, I can’t afford to be neutral anymore. Girlfriend makes a strong case for the Technocracy though, I won’t lie.

So there it is. Me, as of this moment, this timeline and reality. I’ve never done anything like this before and a part of me hopes this is something special, something unique to me out of all infinite possibilities and timelines out there. I know its a vain hope but sometimes the truth isn’t always what we want it to be. Doesn’t mean I can’t hope.

God this was a stupid idea. Never doing this shit again.

Jacob Torgue

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