Jace Buck


Jace Buck is a time traveler from the year 2015. He and his brother Trance became orphans when their parents died in the tragedy of 9/11, when their plane crashed into the World Trade Center. They were raised up in Virginia and fostered by their grandparents until both brothers left to join the military service. After their tour of duty, Jace went west to find a career in show business, while his brother Trance found a career in the FBI. Jace became a professional stunt man and scored a gig in Vegas working on the television syndicated show, CSI. But Jace suffered more tragedy when he learnt that his brother died in the line of duty in 2010.

After he received the sad news, his Avatar awoke. Jace became a powerful wild talent. He possessed the ability to manipulate time and space whenever in a heightened state of anxiety. He found he could control his abilities by using bursts of adrenaline or focusing his mind on music. It was in 2015 that he learnt from his therapist, Doctor Davenport, that Trance was alive. Desperate to find any clue to his brother’s whereabouts, he went to the old Algiers hotel and casino and was drawn into a time slip to the year 2001.

After the events of September, Jace disappeared.

Jace Buck

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