The Fallen Tower

There's Something About Jessica

One week has passed since Danny DeMarco was murdered at the Golden Nugget by an entropy curse. During that time Jacob Torgue has been busy looking into the disappearance of Jessica Arcade. Hired by her estranged father, Eddie Arkadian, he learns that Jessica has been missing for a year and a half. When Eddie went to prison in the early 80s, Jessica and her mother left the east coast and made new lives in the west. To distant themselves from Eddie, they changed their last name from Arkadian to Arcade. At Age 22, Jessica attended the University of Nevada and worked as a librarian technician at the campus’s library. Eddie recently was released from prison, and attempted to make contact with his daughter and ex-wife. He learnt from his ex-wife that Jessica hasn’t made contact with her in months, and that she filed a missing person report with the police.

Over the course of days, Jacob has spoken to friends and co-workers at the UNVIL, learning that Jessica was a member of a ghost hunting social club known as the Orpheus Circle. The ghost hunting club regularly meets up at the anthropology department’s basement. Jacob recalls arresting an anthropology professor in 1994, Lucas Sabin, when he was still with the police force.

Meanwhile, Po has been staying at one of Coyote’s servants’ haunts. A run down house on the edge of the city that is owned by a crazed shaman known as Crazy Horse. Not happy with the arrangement, Po rarely stays at the residence and has been sleeping on the streets.

Eventually Po learns where there is an amateur underground fighting event and reckons that there will be a UFC recruiter there. He arrives at Charlie’s Gym, and disrupts the event by challenging everyone to a fight. He defeats over a dozen challengers who attempt to drag him out of the gym, and eventually is forced to flee when the proprietors call the police. He returns the next day and the day after that, looking to see if the UFC recruiters arrived. Instead, he finds Peter Stratton waiting for him. Curious to meet with the man that defeated a dozen men, Peter arranges a match for Po. Po is tested against a towering brute known as Moose. He easily defeats him with a knockout kick. Impressed, Peter promises to make arrangements for Po to get another match and a chance to join the UFC.

Jacob arrives at the anthropology department’s basement and happens upon an interview between the club members and one of their clients, Raoul Bhaneja. He learns that Raoul is being haunted by his daughter, Marie, who died when a robber broke into their store front and shot Marie in the face with a shotgun. The Orpheus Circle, made up of Kevin, Tobbie, and Keith, believe that Marie is haunting Raoul in order to get him to help her pass on. They believe they can contact Marie by using the drug pigment, as the drug possessed supernatural qualities to allow the user to see spirits. Once the interview is wrapped up, the group leaves the basement while Jacob remains unseen in the shadows. He then breaks into their clubhouse and sorts through their video tape collection, finding tapes where Jessica was in. The last tape deals with a case in Pahrump, involving poltergeist activity. He is surprised to find Wesley, Julian, and Po with Jessica.

Po is contacted by Jacob, and they make arrangements to meet at the Paris hotel and casino. Jacob inquires as to Po’s relationship with Jessica, and the young martial artist shares the events that occurred in Season One. He also shares that Jessica is the hand maiden of Charlotte, the Spider Queen of Vegas. Po knows only that Charlotte is a bride to Aziz Al-Adin, a jinn and member of the Sahara club. They cross the street and enter the Aladdin hotel and casino. While Po gambles at the slot machines, Jacob attempts to speak with the staff and inquire about Jessica, Charlotte, and Aziz Al-Adin.

Jacob finds himself at a dead end. Po notices a spider crawling upon his slot machine. He communicates with it using a rote taught to him by a Verbena mage ally. He sends word to the spider that he is looking for Jessica. The spider leaves and later returns to direct the mages to see the show, Bite.

The two mages attend the song and tease show about vampires, sitting patiently through the dance routines, pelvis thrusting, and strip teases to old classic rock songs. Ironically Jessica is a member of the cast, and plays the role of the human maiden that is sought after by Lord Vampire. At the end of the play, when she is transformed into a vampire bride, Po notices that the victim they bring on stage is actually drained before everyone’s eyes by Jessica. After the show’s end, they find that they’re expected. The two mages go back stage and are welcomed into Jessica’s dressing room. They’re both surprise to find her quite lucid compared to her feral state when they last saw her. She explains that her time at the spirit court allowed her to heal her mind, enough that she is no longer a raving predatory animal. Jacob informs Jessica that her father is looking for him. She doesn’t wish to see him and informs the pair to tell her father that she is dead.

Troubled with their meeting with Jessica, the two mages return back to Jacob’s office. But their magical senses alert them to danger and they notice a good number of cars parked in front of the detective agency. Waiting for them is the notorious gangster Baby, a local crime boss and head of the Mafia in Vegas. He isn’t alone, and is surrounded by a large number of bodyguards. Po is hiding in the shadows while Jacob greets Baby. Baby apologizes for canceling the meeting at the Golden Nugget, and is willing to answer any questions regarding his dead guest Danny DeMarco. Jacob explains that the case is over and apologizes for wasting Baby’s time. Baby questions Jacob about his involvement at the Golden Nugget and DeMarco, and hints that he is aware of Jacob’s reputation as a mage, but seems satisfied by Jacob’s answers. Baby leaves with his group of bodyguards, much to Jacob’s relief.

While Jacob and Po share a philosophical debate over eliminating the head of the Mafia in Las Vegas and the possible consequences of such an action, their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Eddie Arkadian. Eddie believes that Jacob received good results on his findings, and wishes to learn what Jacob discovered. Jacob explains that he found Jessica, but that she refuses to see him. Upset, Eddie demands that Jacob tell him where Jessica is. Po finally realizes who Eddie is. Taunting Eddie, Po picks a fight and enrages the angry father. He then grabs him by his crotch and escorts him out of the office, telling him that no amount of money will help him find his daughter. He even goes so far as to explain that his daughter is a vampire and that he is the student of Bruce Leeroy! A shocked Jacob is unsure as to what to do while Po throws the man out into the street. Eddie curses the two mages and flees to his car, an old beat up BMW. Po notices that the bumper sticker on the BMW belong to Franklin High School, and displays a rattle snake mascot.

Jacob scolds Po, dismayed that the Technocracy may eventually turn its gaze down upon him, as he has angered two Syndicate mages in the last two weeks. Po is also troubled, believing that Eddie may be the snake in his visions that will attempt to kill Jacob. Po then decides to stay with Jacob and become his new roommate.



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