The Fallen Tower

Sliding Doors

Reeling from the aftermath of their journey to the past, the cabal must adjust to the changes to their timeline. One week has passed.

Po Kai tries to find solace in the streets, taking up the mantle of the vigilante neighborhood protector while meditating upon the changes in his life. Po is contacted by his foster father, “Bruce” Leroy Green. Seeking to make peace with Po, he invites his former student to join him in attending Laura Green’s wake and funeral in Reno. Po becomes reacquainted with his canine companion, Dog.

Jacob Torgue has become more accustomed to the new timeline changes and accepted his role as a father to his young son, Jason. He even plans to give up his bad vices, like smoking cigarettes. Sharing custody with his ex-wife, Katherine, he watches over Jason on the weekends. Meanwhile Jacob still conducts research on the timeline changes, and attempts to find any word on the time travelers Trance and Jace Buck. He reckons that Jace must be a child during this time, and learns that Trance is a ghost in the system.

While eating at his regular diner with his son, Jacob’s waitress friend, Roxy, hands him a message from a woman he knows, Holly, who wants him to stop by her house in the suburbs. Jacob drops his son off with his ex-wife, and then heads off to see Holly.

Holly, a professional escort, explains she had a date the previous night at the Golden Nugget. Afterward, she was brutally raped and beaten by three unknown men in their hotel room. Holly asks Jacob to find out who they are so that she can sue them. Jacob accepts the job.

On their way to the wake, Po and Leroy stop at a roadside diner and discuss philosophy and their differences. Leroy shares his fears and regrets with Po, and believes he found a way to achieve his goals in life without using violence.

Jacob does some research and discovers the man responsible for raping Holly is Danny DeMarco, a gangster from out east. He is warned by Skip McQueen to stay away from DeMarco, as he is protected by “Baby” Victor Manelli, a member of the Cloud Room. McQueen gives 50,000 dollars to Jacob, so that he can give the money to Holly. She can start off a new life out of town and forget about DeMarco. Jacob wishes to meet with Baby. Po and Leroy arrive at the wake and encounter Richie Green, along with friends and family. Also in attendance is Leroy’s students and members of the Heilong Athletics Society. Po is introduced to Master Egg Shen of San Francisco, who questions Po’s role in stirring violence within Las Vegas’s gang war.

Po also becomes reacquainted with young Amanda Green, Richie’s teenage daughter. She seems infatuated with Po.

The wake is interrupted by the arrival of Sho’nuff and his gang. The ex-con taunts Leroy and demands a rematch on a televised sports show known as the UFC, Sho’nuff’s latest project. Leroy refuses and orders Sho’nuff to leave. Sho’nuff respects the request and leaves with his gang, threatening Leroy that his wife won’t be the last loved one he will have to bury.

While waiting to meet with Baby, Jacob decides to collect samples from the three men that raped Holly. Paying off a cleaning lady that works for the Golden Nugget, he acquires the three men’s bed sheets. Before he can create the sympathetic hex to curse the three men with a slow agonizing death, he receives a call from McQueen that Baby will see him for dinner that night at the Golden Nugget.

Jacob goes ahead and casts the ritual, condemning the three men to a slow death.

Richie urges Leroy to take up Sho’nuff challenge. The Green family could use the money from the UFC bout, but Leroy refuses to fight. Richie turns to Po and asks him to fight on the Green family behalf. Po seems intrigued by the idea. Amanda asks Po to take her out in the town, as she wants to get away from the drama.

Jacob goes off to the Golden Nugget to see Baby. He isn’t surprised to see that first responders are already at the scene due to the mysterious grisly deaths of Danny DeMarco and his associates. At the scene is Katherine, working on behalf of McQueen’s private security firm. She informs him that a will worker used magic to kill DeMarco. She hints that she covered up Jacob’s mistake, concealing his resonance from the murder scene. She isn’t happy about it.

Jacob learns that his meeting with Baby is canceled due to the tragedy at the Golden Nugget. The private detective then seeks out Holly, informing her that DeMarco and his associates are dead. He hands her the 50,000 dollars and suggests that she start a new life.

Later, while exploring Reno and teaching Amanda some simple martial art stances, Po and Amanda is interrupted by the arrival of Sho’nuff’s students. Sweet Cobra, a rival dressed like a pimp, challenges Po to a fight. Po easily defeats Sweet Cobra by delivering a vicious kick and reversing an attack, impressing the leader of the rival students, King Mob. King Mob informs Po that they won’t harass the Green family and leaves with their fallen companion.

Po returns to the Wake, and informs Richie and the elders of the family that he intends to fight in the UFC. After attending the funeral of his foster mother the next day, he leaves Reno in Leroy’s pickup with Dog and is joined up with Coyote along the way.

After being thanked by a grateful Holly, Jacob returns to his office to relax after a job well done. He is surprised to find a new client already waiting for him. The new client is a mage from the Technocracy, Eddie Arkadian. He hires Jacob to find his missing daughter, Jessica Arcade.

Coyote asks what Po plans to do about Gracie Park. Po seems troubled with her behavior, but he believes he must adapt to the new timeline. Coyote tempts Po, suggesting that he can bring back his Gracie Park from Po’s original timeline into this reality. But the cost would be eliminating the Gracie Park of the current reality. Po doesn’t accept Coyote’s offer and instead share his plans on how to strike back against the Sahara Club. Coyote is pleased with this plan, and suggests that Po team up with members of his human tribe.



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