The Fallen Tower

Sin Eater

Another week has passed since the cabal found Jessica Arcade. Jacob has grown accustom to having Po live within his apartment, turning his living room into his personal living space. Whenever Po isn’t dominating the television set to play his video games or watching his favorite shows, the martial artist is out on patrol in the streets of North Las Vegas.

During one of his patrols, he came across a street gang harassing a couple of tourists in the wrong part of town. Po leap down to their defense, drawing the ire of the young teenage hooligans. After catching all of their bullets fired from their pistols, the gang fled in fright. Po fights back his inner demon, the dark half of his personality that craves death and destruction. He captured one of the young gang bangers and demanded to know which of the three major street gangs the punks were affiliated with. He was surprised to learn that the group is made up of different gang members from the three different factions. They’re all friends from the same neighborhood that decided to clique up. Po harms the boy and informs the punk that he and his friends now work for him, and then releases him. As Po turns away to leave the scene, he discovers that the tourist couple were watching him and something they saw in his face frightened them. The couple flee, angering and shaming Po enough that he attempts to conceal his primal mark with magic. He fails in concealing the primal mark.

Morning comes and Jacob arrives at his office to find Po sleeping on his couch. Leaving the martial artist to sleep, Jacob continues his investigation into Eddie Arkadian, attempting to find where the syndicate mage may be staying. His research is interrupted by the arrival of Samantha Browning, who has brought baked apple pie. She confesses that she looked Jacob up, just to see if he was real. Sam wants to know if the events that occurred in September was real, and not a dream as she suspects. She then offers to hire Jacob and Po, asking them to find a way to get rid of the demon currently possessing her. Jacob and Po try to explain to Sam that it isn’t a demon, but a time traveler that is using her body. Sam is afraid that she is losing herself to the time traveler, and that the time traveler is taking over her life. She believes that the strange entity inside her is a demon.

Sam then excused herself as she needed to return back to the church. She explains that her church has been real busy lately this month, due to Halloween coming in a few weeks. Po then cautions Sam that she should avoid taking pigment, explaining that the drug can corrupt the soul. Sam asks Jacob if that is the reason why the time traveler is using her body. Jacob isn’t sure.

After Sam leaves, Po and Jacob share their concerns about the time traveler and decide to help Sam by attempting to figure out what the time traveler wants. One of their clues is that Sam woke up at the Luxor after a black out, and wasn’t sure why she was wandering around in the hotel’s lobby. Po suggests that they should look into Sam’s church and deal with that pigment cult once and for all. Po is then surprised to receive a phone call from his cell. He answers the phone and is greeted by his friend within the police force, Wendy Wu. She asks Po to come to the city morgue and meet with her, as she believes her current case may be occult-related. Po brings Jacob along with him.



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