The Fallen Tower

September III

Three of Three

The scene begins with Samantha awakening from a head injury. She finds a concerned Ava and Ben hovering over her. The time lost mage quickly learns that she is in 1953, and that Chet somehow attacked her from behind and then fled when the machine gun fire ensued. Upset that she was left behind with Chet, she quickly gets updated on what is going on from Ava and Ben. The trio then head off to find the other companions.

Po and Jacob are recovering from the fight with the time frozen Arabs. They are introduced to Jolene Black, a Witch Hunter from the Society of Leopold. She convinces the group that she is hunting a coven of witches attempting to summon the demon Haagenti, and is here to stop them. Jacob is trying to determine why the Arabs is here, until he realizes that powerful magic was used to wrap the minds, flesh, and equipment of party goers to appear as modern Taliban fighters. Po vaguely recalls encountering a threat similar in his past adventures that used the same tactic. Frank Sinatra begins to question the group about the strange events that is going on. Jolene uses her magic to put Frank into a magical slumber.

Sam, Ava, and Ben arrive just as the trio in the ballroom are still trying to determine what is going on. Sam reports to the others that Chet escaped. Jacob is not concerned as his magic is still keeping Chet from leaving this time line. Ava reminds the group that Ben’s father is still missing. Jolene believes that Ben’s father is a victim of the witch coven. She recommends that the group should deal with the sleepers. Po knocks out both Ava and Ben with a mind magic effect that renders them asleep. With the sleepers dealt with, the assembled mages move on and begin to plan their next actions. Po notices something and leaves the group to investigate it.

Jacob decides it is best to find the source of the time magic warping the environment. Jolene volunteers to use her magic. She cuts herself and mingles the blood with a bowl of water, scrying on the location of the coven’s master. Jolene reveals that the master is a powerful marauder that can manipulate time and is currently in the Penthouse. She also learns that the source of the ritual is deep in the hotel’s chiller room, down below the hotel. Jolene volunteers to head to the chiller room while the others handle the marauder. The group isn’t happy with this plan but they accept it.

Meanwhile at the entrance to the stairwell, Po comes across Jolene’s bound demon familiar. The black demonic Chihuahua senses Po, but isn’t able to see him. He demands Po to reveal himself. After a while, Po decides to help the familiar by opening the stairwell door, allowing the dog to exit. Jacob and Sam decide to spy on the marauder, by going to the nearby fire exit and using the hotel’s map as a focus. They encounter Po at the stairwell and update the martial artist on what their plans are.

Jacob uses his magic to scry on the marauder, learning that it is none other than Trance. Trance isn’t alone. Jace is with him and the two brothers are talking. Trance is trying to convince Jace to stay with him and help him with his plan on luring and trapping God within the hotel, which was designed to be a spirit trap. Trance blames God for what has happened to his parents and the victims of 9/11. Every attempt by Trance to save his parents always ends up with his parents dying in some horrible fashion. At first, Trance blamed the terrorists. But he soon learnt that it was his own government behind the conspiracy. He attempted to attack the Pentagon and the White House, using other air buses, but his plans were always thwarted by some outside party. He now believes God is responsible, and that the only way he can save his parents is by trapping God within his spirit trap. Once trapped, he can then confront God and negotiate with him.

After Trance’s rant, the group witness a frog-like demon bursting down the door to the penthouse. Jolene’s familiar then trots in from behind the demon. The familiar demands that Trance stop his foolishness. Jolene’s familiar informs the mad mage that they have his parents and are holding them hostage at the Caul. Jolene plans to release his parents once Trance completes the ritual that he was contracted to do.

The angry marauder uses his magic to send the frog-like demon away somewhere in the time stream. Jolene’s familiar turns tail and flees back to the stairwell. Trance urges Jace to find his parents before God arrives. The marauder then breaks down into a seizure, warping the local reality’s time and space, just as Jace runs out of the penthouse after the fleeing familiar.

The group decides to head up the stairs and confront the marauder, casting defensive spells as they do so. They run across Jolene’s familiar, snatching the little demonic dog up and rushing back up the steps into danger, much to the familiar’s annoyance. Instead of running into Jace, they encounter one of Jolene’s coven, a newly born marauder known as the Mime. Po and Jacob recognize the Mime as a marauder that helped them escape the Labyrinth in Season One. Jacob attempts to shoot the Mime, but finds that there is a invisible wall blocking his gunfire. Po uses his mind magic to render the Mime catatonic with a psychic attack. The group then moves pass the fallen marauder and confront Trance.

Using a combination of their magic, the newly formed cabal of time-lost mages defeat Trance and then slew the Marauder while he was on the ground attempting to recover. But before they could be victims of the unleashed paradox explosion, the paradox spirit Wrinkle makes his appearance. He cautions the group on tinkering with time and thanks them for defeating the Marauder. The paradox spirit then snaps his fingers, causing everyone to awaken back in the modern era.

The group learns that they have lost five days of their lives and are witnessing the events of 9/11 as it unfolds before them on television. Jacob is the first to realize that things are different, as his ex-lover informs him that he is a father of a five-year old boy. Po learns that Gracie Park is married, but she is cheating on her husband with Po. Much to his dismay, Gracie is no longer Awakened and is unaware of Po’s supernatural nature. Meanwhile Sam also recalls the events of her trip to the past, and manages to clear her head of the confusing memories that haunted her. Jacob learns that the Algiers hotel was never built.

The scene ends with the three mages getting together at Jacob’s office, and attempting to figure out what other changes have occurred in their timeline and trying to determine what happen to Jace.

A lone figure outside the strip mall that hosts Jacob’s office watches on silently.

It’s the Mime.



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