The Fallen Tower

September II

Two of Three

Jace awakens and finds himself back in his apartment, the year is 2015, September 7th. He isn’t sure if his trip to the past was a vivid dream or reality. He finds that he is still holding onto the letter addressed to him by his older brother, Trance. Jace quickly gets dressed and doesn’t go to work, deciding instead to return to the abandoned Algiers hotel. He climbs over the fence and dodges the local security. Jace then encounters another intruder in the abandoned hotel, a female photographer that introduces herself as Robyn Browning. He learns from Robyn that her mother was Samantha, who committed suicide in 2001. Troubled by this news, he continues on to search the hotel until he finds a secluded staircase to practice a ritual. Jace uses his magic and transports himself to September 6, 1953.

Meanwhile Po, Jacob, and Samantha are confused to find themselves in the midst of the soft opening of the Algiers hotel. The soft opening is primarily made up of management, investors, local celebs (including Frank Sinatra, whose career was reborn with the success of From Here to Eternity; the comedy sensation of Don Rickles; and Gale Storm, from My Little Margie), politicians (including Clifford Jones), and members of the Las Vegas social elite. Outside, crowds and reporters have gathered to watch the hotel opening and to witness the nuclear test shot conducted by the military, Operation Sphinx. In addition to the guests is the Algiers’ employees, casino floor men, waitresses, and entertainers.

Chet immediately attempts to escape but is quickly subdued by Po. Sam seems to have no idea who the others are. She is no longer the resistance fighter from the future, but possess a different personality. The group retreats to a room and hide out, attempting to figure out what is going on. Po leaves the room when he receives a summoning by his patron, Old Man Coyote. Meanwhile Jace manages to track the group’s resonance.

Chet awakens from his injuries and confesses that he misled the group. Chet needs his hypertech back from Po in order to navigate the hotel’s time slips to find the right portal back to 2001. Jacob places a curse upon Chet, harming the time traveler if he attempts to abandon them in this time line. The group waits for Po to return. Hours pass until they decide to venture forth and look for clues on how to escape.

Po meets up with Old Man Coyote, and is warned not to kill anyone while they are in the past or to create major disruptions in the timeline. Po also learns that the magic that was used to summon the group somehow involves black magic. Old Man Coyote orders Po to find a way to destroy the hotel. Po returns to the group, but learns that time is acting funny in the area as hours have passed when only minutes have passed for Po.

The group comes across a few time discrepancies along their way to the ballroom (seeing guests appear in two different locations, another guest standing upright and staring ahead as if frozen in time, and the live bandstand playing modern music from their era).

Sam stops the group when they come across a young Chinese boy named Ben Young and a cigarette girl named Ava. Ava seems to be helping Ben, who is looking for his father, Lee. The group leaves Sam and Chet behind to watch over the pair while the other mages journey forward to find clothes, so that they can better blend in with their surroundings.

Po, Jacob, and Jace managed to find outfits in the dressing room, but are surprised to learn that the ballroom is under attack. The group is confused as they are confronted by Arab terrorists, equipped with modern weaponry. The Arabs have taken hostages among the party goers, including Frank Sinatra. All three mages attack the Arabs, using their magic to subdue half the group. Jace ends the conflict by using all of his incredible magic to freeze everyone within the room except for the Awakened. This includes Po, Jacob, Clifford Jones’s female eye candy, and Frank Sinatra.

The scene ends with Jace suddenly disappearing after his feat of magic.



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