The Fallen Tower


One of Three

The year is 2015. September 6th. Jace Buck has been attending therapy under the advisement of his employer, a television production company currently filming a drama/action show in the city of Las Vegas. Jace has been having dreams regarding his parents, who died during the plane crash of 9/11 on American Airflight 175. He also has been having vivid dreams about his older brother, Trance. Trance was convinced that 9/11 was a government conspiracy and left the FBI when he believed he found evidence that supported his claims. He died in 2010 when he attempted to hijack a airbus.

While sharing his thoughts about his brother to his therapist, Doctor Robert Davenport, he was surprised to learn that Davenport encountered his brother at the Algiers hotel, three years ago. Jace then decides to investigate the old abandoned hotel and look for any clues about his brother. He is drawn through a time slip, and sent back to the year 2001, September 6th.

Meanwhile in 2001, September 6th, in the suburbs of Vegas, a confused Samantha Browning is convinced that she is a resistance fighter from a bleak apocalyptic future ruled by vampire gods. While juggling her daily life as a mother to two and a devoted wife, she continues her mission that may save her future. Having lost contact with her team, she knows that she needs help. Sam seeks out the assistance of a local private investigator: Jacob Torgue.

Jacob Torgue has been assigned by Buona Fortuna Security Services to investigate a cheater known simply as Chet. Chet has been winning a large number of bets on sporting events across the city, and Skip McQueen’s probability program reports there is a high risk that Chet is cheating. While McQueen’s people interrogate and distract Chet, Jacob is sent to the Algiers hotel and casino to Chet’s hotel room and find any clues regarding as to how Chet is cheating.

Up north in Wyoming, Po Kai and Gracie Park find the missing Coyote’s Chosen at a private school owned by Julian Raven. Po meets with the school headmistress, another aspect of Isis who greets the martial artist with a cup of tea and a tour of the school’s grounds. He learns that the Cult of Isis is looking after the children and plan to help develop their abilities. After speaking with a number of the children, Po is convinced that they’re safe. As Po is leaving the school, he receives a vision of serpents attacking Jacob Torgue. Believing Jacob to be in trouble, Po and Gracie return to Las Vegas.


Torgue is already in the Algiers, snooping around Chet’s room. He finds Chet’s secret, a sports magazine detailing all the winners and losers in the past few decades and up to the year 2020.

Following after Torgue’s resonance trail, Sam enters the main lobby of the Algiers and encounters a time lost Jace. While the pair are becoming acquainted with one another, Po arrives along with Gracie. All four Awakened recognize each other as supernaturals and decide to greet one another. Once they learn that Po and Sam is looking for Torgue, Jace tags along and follow after Sam as she leads the group to Chet’s room.

Jacob is surprised and dismayed to once again meet the troublesome Po, and seems intrigued that Jace and Sam are also time travelers. Before the group can receive answers from one another, they are forced to flee and hide as Chet returns. Po remains behind and subdues Chet, robbing him of his hypertech and sports magazine.

Jacob is upset over Po’s interference, but makes arrangements with Buona Fortuna to drop off the time traveler. He takes the rest of the group over to Buona Fortuna’s warehouse in the desert and meet up with his former girl-friend, Katherine Jones.

Kat and the group interrogates Chet, learning that he has been using the Algiers hotel to travel thru different time eras due to the multiple number of time slips in the hotel. Chet is aware that sometime in the past, the time slips were created. He believes it has something to do with the nuclear testing conducted in that era.

Kat orders the group to return Chet back to the hotel and return him back to his timeline. Meanwhile McQueen wishes to speak with Jace.

While Kat and Jace head to downtown Las Vegas, the group escorts Chet back to the Algiers. Chet tricks the group by leading them into a time slip to the era 1953.

Jace meets with Skip McQueen, who hands the time lost mage an envelope from his brother, Trance. The envelope has been with the United States Postal Office since 1953. Jace opens the envelope and reads a letter, where Trance welcomes Jace to return to the year 1953, September 6, at the soft opening of the Algiers hotel and casino. His brother, Trance, found a way to save their parents from the tragedy of 9/11.



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