The Fallen Tower

September III
Three of Three

The scene begins with Samantha awakening from a head injury. She finds a concerned Ava and Ben hovering over her. The time lost mage quickly learns that she is in 1953, and that Chet somehow attacked her from behind and then fled when the machine gun fire ensued. Upset that she was left behind with Chet, she quickly gets updated on what is going on from Ava and Ben. The trio then head off to find the other companions.

Po and Jacob are recovering from the fight with the time frozen Arabs. They are introduced to Jolene Black, a Witch Hunter from the Society of Leopold. She convinces the group that she is hunting a coven of witches attempting to summon the demon Haagenti, and is here to stop them. Jacob is trying to determine why the Arabs is here, until he realizes that powerful magic was used to wrap the minds, flesh, and equipment of party goers to appear as modern Taliban fighters. Po vaguely recalls encountering a threat similar in his past adventures that used the same tactic. Frank Sinatra begins to question the group about the strange events that is going on. Jolene uses her magic to put Frank into a magical slumber.

Sam, Ava, and Ben arrive just as the trio in the ballroom are still trying to determine what is going on. Sam reports to the others that Chet escaped. Jacob is not concerned as his magic is still keeping Chet from leaving this time line. Ava reminds the group that Ben’s father is still missing. Jolene believes that Ben’s father is a victim of the witch coven. She recommends that the group should deal with the sleepers. Po knocks out both Ava and Ben with a mind magic effect that renders them asleep. With the sleepers dealt with, the assembled mages move on and begin to plan their next actions. Po notices something and leaves the group to investigate it.

Jacob decides it is best to find the source of the time magic warping the environment. Jolene volunteers to use her magic. She cuts herself and mingles the blood with a bowl of water, scrying on the location of the coven’s master. Jolene reveals that the master is a powerful marauder that can manipulate time and is currently in the Penthouse. She also learns that the source of the ritual is deep in the hotel’s chiller room, down below the hotel. Jolene volunteers to head to the chiller room while the others handle the marauder. The group isn’t happy with this plan but they accept it.

Meanwhile at the entrance to the stairwell, Po comes across Jolene’s bound demon familiar. The black demonic Chihuahua senses Po, but isn’t able to see him. He demands Po to reveal himself. After a while, Po decides to help the familiar by opening the stairwell door, allowing the dog to exit. Jacob and Sam decide to spy on the marauder, by going to the nearby fire exit and using the hotel’s map as a focus. They encounter Po at the stairwell and update the martial artist on what their plans are.

Jacob uses his magic to scry on the marauder, learning that it is none other than Trance. Trance isn’t alone. Jace is with him and the two brothers are talking. Trance is trying to convince Jace to stay with him and help him with his plan on luring and trapping God within the hotel, which was designed to be a spirit trap. Trance blames God for what has happened to his parents and the victims of 9/11. Every attempt by Trance to save his parents always ends up with his parents dying in some horrible fashion. At first, Trance blamed the terrorists. But he soon learnt that it was his own government behind the conspiracy. He attempted to attack the Pentagon and the White House, using other air buses, but his plans were always thwarted by some outside party. He now believes God is responsible, and that the only way he can save his parents is by trapping God within his spirit trap. Once trapped, he can then confront God and negotiate with him.

After Trance’s rant, the group witness a frog-like demon bursting down the door to the penthouse. Jolene’s familiar then trots in from behind the demon. The familiar demands that Trance stop his foolishness. Jolene’s familiar informs the mad mage that they have his parents and are holding them hostage at the Caul. Jolene plans to release his parents once Trance completes the ritual that he was contracted to do.

The angry marauder uses his magic to send the frog-like demon away somewhere in the time stream. Jolene’s familiar turns tail and flees back to the stairwell. Trance urges Jace to find his parents before God arrives. The marauder then breaks down into a seizure, warping the local reality’s time and space, just as Jace runs out of the penthouse after the fleeing familiar.

The group decides to head up the stairs and confront the marauder, casting defensive spells as they do so. They run across Jolene’s familiar, snatching the little demonic dog up and rushing back up the steps into danger, much to the familiar’s annoyance. Instead of running into Jace, they encounter one of Jolene’s coven, a newly born marauder known as the Mime. Po and Jacob recognize the Mime as a marauder that helped them escape the Labyrinth in Season One. Jacob attempts to shoot the Mime, but finds that there is a invisible wall blocking his gunfire. Po uses his mind magic to render the Mime catatonic with a psychic attack. The group then moves pass the fallen marauder and confront Trance.

Using a combination of their magic, the newly formed cabal of time-lost mages defeat Trance and then slew the Marauder while he was on the ground attempting to recover. But before they could be victims of the unleashed paradox explosion, the paradox spirit Wrinkle makes his appearance. He cautions the group on tinkering with time and thanks them for defeating the Marauder. The paradox spirit then snaps his fingers, causing everyone to awaken back in the modern era.

The group learns that they have lost five days of their lives and are witnessing the events of 9/11 as it unfolds before them on television. Jacob is the first to realize that things are different, as his ex-lover informs him that he is a father of a five-year old boy. Po learns that Gracie Park is married, but she is cheating on her husband with Po. Much to his dismay, Gracie is no longer Awakened and is unaware of Po’s supernatural nature. Meanwhile Sam also recalls the events of her trip to the past, and manages to clear her head of the confusing memories that haunted her. Jacob learns that the Algiers hotel was never built.

The scene ends with the three mages getting together at Jacob’s office, and attempting to figure out what other changes have occurred in their timeline and trying to determine what happen to Jace.

A lone figure outside the strip mall that hosts Jacob’s office watches on silently.

It’s the Mime.

September II
Two of Three

Jace awakens and finds himself back in his apartment, the year is 2015, September 7th. He isn’t sure if his trip to the past was a vivid dream or reality. He finds that he is still holding onto the letter addressed to him by his older brother, Trance. Jace quickly gets dressed and doesn’t go to work, deciding instead to return to the abandoned Algiers hotel. He climbs over the fence and dodges the local security. Jace then encounters another intruder in the abandoned hotel, a female photographer that introduces herself as Robyn Browning. He learns from Robyn that her mother was Samantha, who committed suicide in 2001. Troubled by this news, he continues on to search the hotel until he finds a secluded staircase to practice a ritual. Jace uses his magic and transports himself to September 6, 1953.

Meanwhile Po, Jacob, and Samantha are confused to find themselves in the midst of the soft opening of the Algiers hotel. The soft opening is primarily made up of management, investors, local celebs (including Frank Sinatra, whose career was reborn with the success of From Here to Eternity; the comedy sensation of Don Rickles; and Gale Storm, from My Little Margie), politicians (including Clifford Jones), and members of the Las Vegas social elite. Outside, crowds and reporters have gathered to watch the hotel opening and to witness the nuclear test shot conducted by the military, Operation Sphinx. In addition to the guests is the Algiers’ employees, casino floor men, waitresses, and entertainers.

Chet immediately attempts to escape but is quickly subdued by Po. Sam seems to have no idea who the others are. She is no longer the resistance fighter from the future, but possess a different personality. The group retreats to a room and hide out, attempting to figure out what is going on. Po leaves the room when he receives a summoning by his patron, Old Man Coyote. Meanwhile Jace manages to track the group’s resonance.

Chet awakens from his injuries and confesses that he misled the group. Chet needs his hypertech back from Po in order to navigate the hotel’s time slips to find the right portal back to 2001. Jacob places a curse upon Chet, harming the time traveler if he attempts to abandon them in this time line. The group waits for Po to return. Hours pass until they decide to venture forth and look for clues on how to escape.

Po meets up with Old Man Coyote, and is warned not to kill anyone while they are in the past or to create major disruptions in the timeline. Po also learns that the magic that was used to summon the group somehow involves black magic. Old Man Coyote orders Po to find a way to destroy the hotel. Po returns to the group, but learns that time is acting funny in the area as hours have passed when only minutes have passed for Po.

The group comes across a few time discrepancies along their way to the ballroom (seeing guests appear in two different locations, another guest standing upright and staring ahead as if frozen in time, and the live bandstand playing modern music from their era).

Sam stops the group when they come across a young Chinese boy named Ben Young and a cigarette girl named Ava. Ava seems to be helping Ben, who is looking for his father, Lee. The group leaves Sam and Chet behind to watch over the pair while the other mages journey forward to find clothes, so that they can better blend in with their surroundings.

Po, Jacob, and Jace managed to find outfits in the dressing room, but are surprised to learn that the ballroom is under attack. The group is confused as they are confronted by Arab terrorists, equipped with modern weaponry. The Arabs have taken hostages among the party goers, including Frank Sinatra. All three mages attack the Arabs, using their magic to subdue half the group. Jace ends the conflict by using all of his incredible magic to freeze everyone within the room except for the Awakened. This includes Po, Jacob, Clifford Jones’s female eye candy, and Frank Sinatra.

The scene ends with Jace suddenly disappearing after his feat of magic.

One of Three

The year is 2015. September 6th. Jace Buck has been attending therapy under the advisement of his employer, a television production company currently filming a drama/action show in the city of Las Vegas. Jace has been having dreams regarding his parents, who died during the plane crash of 9/11 on American Airflight 175. He also has been having vivid dreams about his older brother, Trance. Trance was convinced that 9/11 was a government conspiracy and left the FBI when he believed he found evidence that supported his claims. He died in 2010 when he attempted to hijack a airbus.

While sharing his thoughts about his brother to his therapist, Doctor Robert Davenport, he was surprised to learn that Davenport encountered his brother at the Algiers hotel, three years ago. Jace then decides to investigate the old abandoned hotel and look for any clues about his brother. He is drawn through a time slip, and sent back to the year 2001, September 6th.

Meanwhile in 2001, September 6th, in the suburbs of Vegas, a confused Samantha Browning is convinced that she is a resistance fighter from a bleak apocalyptic future ruled by vampire gods. While juggling her daily life as a mother to two and a devoted wife, she continues her mission that may save her future. Having lost contact with her team, she knows that she needs help. Sam seeks out the assistance of a local private investigator: Jacob Torgue.

Jacob Torgue has been assigned by Buona Fortuna Security Services to investigate a cheater known simply as Chet. Chet has been winning a large number of bets on sporting events across the city, and Skip McQueen’s probability program reports there is a high risk that Chet is cheating. While McQueen’s people interrogate and distract Chet, Jacob is sent to the Algiers hotel and casino to Chet’s hotel room and find any clues regarding as to how Chet is cheating.

Up north in Wyoming, Po Kai and Gracie Park find the missing Coyote’s Chosen at a private school owned by Julian Raven. Po meets with the school headmistress, another aspect of Isis who greets the martial artist with a cup of tea and a tour of the school’s grounds. He learns that the Cult of Isis is looking after the children and plan to help develop their abilities. After speaking with a number of the children, Po is convinced that they’re safe. As Po is leaving the school, he receives a vision of serpents attacking Jacob Torgue. Believing Jacob to be in trouble, Po and Gracie return to Las Vegas.


Torgue is already in the Algiers, snooping around Chet’s room. He finds Chet’s secret, a sports magazine detailing all the winners and losers in the past few decades and up to the year 2020.

Following after Torgue’s resonance trail, Sam enters the main lobby of the Algiers and encounters a time lost Jace. While the pair are becoming acquainted with one another, Po arrives along with Gracie. All four Awakened recognize each other as supernaturals and decide to greet one another. Once they learn that Po and Sam is looking for Torgue, Jace tags along and follow after Sam as she leads the group to Chet’s room.

Jacob is surprised and dismayed to once again meet the troublesome Po, and seems intrigued that Jace and Sam are also time travelers. Before the group can receive answers from one another, they are forced to flee and hide as Chet returns. Po remains behind and subdues Chet, robbing him of his hypertech and sports magazine.

Jacob is upset over Po’s interference, but makes arrangements with Buona Fortuna to drop off the time traveler. He takes the rest of the group over to Buona Fortuna’s warehouse in the desert and meet up with his former girl-friend, Katherine Jones.

Kat and the group interrogates Chet, learning that he has been using the Algiers hotel to travel thru different time eras due to the multiple number of time slips in the hotel. Chet is aware that sometime in the past, the time slips were created. He believes it has something to do with the nuclear testing conducted in that era.

Kat orders the group to return Chet back to the hotel and return him back to his timeline. Meanwhile McQueen wishes to speak with Jace.

While Kat and Jace head to downtown Las Vegas, the group escorts Chet back to the Algiers. Chet tricks the group by leading them into a time slip to the era 1953.

Jace meets with Skip McQueen, who hands the time lost mage an envelope from his brother, Trance. The envelope has been with the United States Postal Office since 1953. Jace opens the envelope and reads a letter, where Trance welcomes Jace to return to the year 1953, September 6, at the soft opening of the Algiers hotel and casino. His brother, Trance, found a way to save their parents from the tragedy of 9/11.

Season One

Season One: Underworld

The year is 2000. The Ascension War is over. The Council of Nine has fallen and the Technocracy has declared victory. The fallout of the war has been the Avatar Storm, a raging maelstrom in the spirit worlds, and a Week of Nightmares, where seers across the world were crippled with horrible visions of the future. Earth has lost contact with the mages in the spirit worlds, and the magical societies on Earth are focused on rebuilding after a harsh decade of warfare.

The first mage in our story is Wesley Smith, a hermetic Librarian working at the University of Nevada. His life changed when he first encountered Po Kai, the second mage in our story. Po is the son of the legendary Kung Fu Master, Lee Kai. He regularly works as a janitor at his foster family’s Fried Chicken restaurant. But at nights, he would patrol the neighborhood as a defender of the Sleepers. It was during one of those street patrols that Po first encountered Wesley. Wesley was being mugged by a trio of street punks in the parking lot of the library that he worked at. In defeating the street punks, they both demonstrated supernatural abilities and soon recognized each other as fellow Awaken. They kept contact with one another and soon their relationship blossomed to a lasting friendship.

That friendship was tested when they were drawn into a new mystery, involving rival street gangs, ghosts, and the supernatural drug Pigment. That is how they encountered the third mage in our story, Julian Raven. Julian was a wealthy progenitor and C.E.O of Isis Pharmaceuticals. His father was a member of the secret society known as the Technocratic Union. But Julian was secretly taught in the heretical teachings of occult Egyptian healing, and worshipped the goddess Isis. Julian was investigating the drug Pigment when he came across the two other young mages. Together, they formed a cabal and sought to end the gang war in the city. In the pursuit of their investigations, they ran afoul other strange cases involving vampires, ghosts, warlocks, werewolves, and the ancient spirit Coyote.

Episodes 1 to 3: Introduction of Wesley Smith, Po Kai, Julian Raven. The cabal defeats the Hand of Glory wraith. The wraith was leeching off the life force of three young men who was using the wraith’s enchanted fetter to steal from local pawn shops. During the course of the story, the cabal is introduced to the Mission of the Holy Ghost, three of the rival pigment gangs and their wraith handlers, the Grim Legion; and the First Step Society.

Episode 4: In the fourth tale of the chronicle, we are introduced to the Black Pyramid Chantry and their attempts to make contact with an ancient Son of Ether astronaut trapped on Mars. Julian and Wesley manage to conduct the ritual that allows communication with the ancient Martian, while Po saves a Thin-Blooded family from the religious Nephites. The story ends with Wesley making contact with the Grave Diggers, a cabal of Hermetic vampire hunters, and selling out the location of the Thin-Blooded family in exchange for spells.

Episode 5: Po moves in with Wesley after getting into a fight with his uncle. The room mates have difficulty living with one another until they’re distracted by a Wyld spirit haunting the apartment.

Episode 6: Some children at the hospital where Po’s aunt works at isn’t waking up. Investigation leads the cabal into discovering that the children’s souls have been stolen by Sandmen wraiths. The cabal enter the Nightmare realms of the Umbra by journeying into Lower Vegas. They meet the Rat Speakers, a society of under dwellers who worship rats as gods, and are escorted into the nightmare realm of Fear Me Not. There, they meet the Spider Queen of Vegas at the Nightmare Court and given directions on how to reach the Theater of the Sandmen. The cabal then meets with the Sandmen’s leader, Liberace, and successfully negotiate the release of the children’s souls.

Episode 7: The cabal investigates the pigment gangs and learn more about the drug pigment, and its connection to the dark spirits known as Spectres. They battle a spectre known as the Dark Rider. This story is also the introduction of Jessica Arcade, a wild talent that works at Wesley’s library.

Episode 8: The cabal head out to the town of Pahrump, attempting to find Jessica Arcade, as she stole a few ritual books from Wesley’s private library. The cabal learns that Jessica is investigating the haunting of a family suffering from poltergeist activity. They soon discover that the family’s teenage son, Michael, is a wild talent and the cause of the poltergeist activity. But they must confront Michael’s real mother, Paige, who has arrived to abduct her son. The story also introduces the spirit Coyote and the Technocrat Agent John Smith. At the end of the story, Wesley accepts Jessica as his apprentice. But omens suggest that Jessica will suffer a dark fate.

Episode 9: The cabal is confronted by a brother-sister demonic team from the Ten Thousand Hells, attempting to draw out Lee Kai, Po’s father. Po learns that he is half demon.

Episode 10: Jessica is abducted by a twisted family of Malkavians and embraced as a vampire. The Malkavians are hunting the Thin-Blooded family from episode 4. The cabal rescues Jessica from the Malkavians but argue over her fate. Po believes that Jessica can live with her new condition, while Julian believes he can find a cure. Wesley wants to give Jessica a merciful end. The group decides to let Jessica live.

Episode 11: While attending a charity dinner, the cabal stops a pigment empowered mercenary group from attempting to disrupt events. Julian alerts the Camarilla vampires about his research into finding a cure for Jessica. The Nephites assassinate the local leader of the Giovanni vampire crime family during the chaos of the charity dinner, creating more strife among the vampire community in Vegas.

As the chronicle progressed, Po learns that he is half human and half demon, and rejects his mentor, Bruce Leeroy. Julian was murdered by vampires, but later returned as a spirit. Wesley was falsely accused for the murder of Julian and lost his stable life style. The three mages would soon recruit a fourth mage, the private detective Jacob Torgue. With Jacob’s help, they managed to solve several mysteries and defeat the Cult of the Weeping Moon from unleashing the Storm Eater. But they uncovered new mysteries involving the rival pigment gangs and the pigment drug trade coming out of Mexico, and the Sahara Club, a social club operated by the Jinn.

Episode 12: Julian’s home was attacked by Tremere vampires and burnt to the ground, his research stolen. Po and Wesley was falsely accused of the death of Julian Raven and are forced to go on the run from the law. Jacob Torgue, a private investigator looking into the whereabouts of the Thin Blooded family from episode 4, joins the two fugitives.

Episode 13: The cabal heads to the Snake Range Mountains in search of the Grave Diggers. The cabal learns that the Grave Diggers has been experimenting on Thin-Blooded vampires that they have captured. Po releases the vampire prisoners.

Episode 14: The cabal is reunited with the spirit of Julian Raven while the Grave Digger’s base is under attack by vampires within and vampires outside. It is discovered that the family of Malkavians is being assisted by another enemy of the cabal, the crazed marauder Paige, who seeks revenge against the cabal. The group manages to defeat the Malkavians and the marauder while rescuing a few members of the Grave Diggers.

Episode 15: The cabal raids the Tremere Chantry and rescues Jessica Arcade, along with Julian’s research. The cabal is horrified to learn that Po is trying to nurse one of the injured Thin-Blooded vampires that he rescued from the Grave Digger’s base. The story ends with Po’s mentor, Bruce Leeroy, giving the vampire a merciful end.

Episode 16: Po and Bruce confront one another, with Po rejecting his mentor’s tutelage. The cabal then answers a call from the Umbra and meet with Coyote, where they learn new revelations. The Cult of the Weeping Moon seeks to unleash the Storm Eater, a weaver-wyrm hybrid that will bring about the end of the world. The Storm Eater’s presence naturally draws in wraiths from the Underworld, which accounts to the large number of wraiths in Nevada. The Sahara Club, a social club of supernatural spirits, are placing big bets on the Storm Eater, and believe the bane spirit will end the world. Coyote fears that if the Storm Eater is unleashed, he is destined to be devoured by the bane spirit. To counter the Storm Eater, he has selected a number of young mages as his chosen, which includes Po Kai. But the Cult of the Weeping Moon was aware of his chosen and are attempting to hunt down the young mages. With Coyote’s help, the cabal begins to train for the final show down against the Cult of the Weeping Moon.

Episode 17: The cabal returns to Vegas after months of training. Gracie Park discovers evidence of the Mission of the Holy Ghost’s involvement with pigment. The cabal’s investigations lead them to discover that the Mission is a pigment cult and manipulating the three rival gangs to create more ghosts, in order to create a ghostly army. Julian assassinates Uriah Bishop, the wraith mastermind behind the Mission, before an assembled army of the living and the dead.

Episode 18: Po and Jacob learn that the Cult of the Weeping Moon has eliminated Goldie Dawn, a high ranking member of the Black Pyramid Chantry, by transporting her to a labyrinth in the Underworld. Po and Jacob then ventured into the labyrinth, where they confronted Po’s inner demon, fight against the labyrinth’s corruption, and rescue Goldie. They discover that the Nephandus agent within the Black Pyramid was Ralph Cannon, the Son of Ether caretaker of Hoover Dam.

Episode 19: The cabal seeks help from a pack of Glass Walker werewolves and the Big Spring chantry mages. The group then time travels to a dark future where the Storm Eater was victorious, and where the Cult of the Weeping Moon is hiding. They rescue Coyote’s chosen and defeat the cult.

Episode 20: The cabal travels to Hoover Dam where the AEC team is being misled by Cannon to unleash the Storm Eater. They manage to convince the AEC that Cannon was a Nephandus and neutralize the necromancer. But before they can leave, they learn that the local werewolf tribes plan to release the Storm Eater in order to destroy the bane spirit in a glorious battle. To save lives and Hoover Dam, the cabal creates an elaborate illusion, giving credit to the defeat of the Storm Eater to a small band of Glass Walker werewolf allies. Tricked into thinking that the Storm Eater was destroyed, the werewolves leave.

The twenty-episode chronicle ends at the Burning Man celebration. Po seeks Coyote as a totem and takes Gracie Park, his long-time love interest, as an apprentice. Wesley undergoes cosmetic surgery and assumes the new identity of Alex Koch. He then leaves for Europe with the Grave Diggers to take part in the Massasa War, a wizards’ march against vampires. Julian assumes the role of guardian over a new generation of young mages, Coyote’s Chosen, and leaves Las Vegas with his young wards. Jacob officially joins Buona Fortuna, a private security firm that polices the supernatural in Las Vegas.

In episode twenty one, a Christmas special directed by Julian’s player, the cabal is reunited once again to save Julian against his corrupted mentor, Isis. It is revealed that the marauder Paige is back and corrupted Isis’s programming. The group manages to defeat the marauder within the Digital Realm, save Isis, and Julian learns a vital clue in curing pigment.


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