Trance was a federal agent and magus that hunted the supernatural. The stress of his job and confronting the horrors of the night drove him insane. He became convinced that the United States government was behind the 9/11 tragedy and went rogue. Trance was fixated on the idea that he could go back in time and save his parents from the tragedy of 9/11. Unfortunately, every attempt ended up in failure. Even if he could save his parents, some twist of fate would cost them their lives. His subsequent attempts to save them fail, though, leading him to conclude that “I could come back a thousand times… and see them die a thousand ways.” He was caught in his own temporal causality loop. A downward spiral that drove him further and further into insanity.

Jolene Black’s demonic minions found Trance in the spirit wilds, raving mad and fighting against his own hobgoblins. The demons delivered him to Jolene in the year 1951. Black convinced Trance that she could help him, save his family by breaking the eternal cycle. In exchange, he was contracted to do a job for her. Desperate to end the Predestination temporal paradox, Trance accepted her deal.

Certain folks extend their Will through the actions of other people. By managing and directing those other people, that sort of influence can turn human resources into instruments of magick. With fortune, manipulation, and charm, Black influenced Clifford Jones “the Big Juice”, the owner of the Thunderbird hotel, into opening the 110-room Algiers Hotel, a sister property to the Thunder-bird to deal with an overflow of guests. Black even assembled her own coven to assist her, who were misled to believe that they’re summoning the demon lord Haagenti from the Abyss. The coven’s true purpose was to shield Black from the paradox generated by Trance.

Trance acted as the hotel’s developer, and with the professional assistance of numerous architects, created the hotel’s unique features. Using geometric shapes to help reinforce Trance’s ritual, the labyrinthine hallways alter the perceptions of those who attempt to journey within them, confusing and disturbing people due to the color and pattern schemes.

But Jolene’s plans were thwarted when Trance went off script with his own plans in attempting to capture the paradox spirit, Wrinkle, in 1953. The paradox of his magic created the time slips that allowed Po, Jacob, Samantha, and Jace to journey back in time and confront and defeat the marauder. The paradox spirit Wrinkle claimed Trance just as he was about to die.


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