Syd Kowalcik


Syd’s not the fat, pimply geek you might expect on first hearing about him. He’s actually an average kid, somewhat on the thin side, but prone to wearing name-brand sneakers and clothes. He’s always got an MP3 player on his belt and at least one headphone in one ear.


Syd is just a kid, still in high school. He Awakened while surfing the Internet (or was it playing Everquest? He can’t remember) and quickly built a rep as a skilled and dangerous hacker. Not only did he attract the attention of the Feds, he had Technocrats nearly knocking at his door before they got called away to follow another lead, this one a false trail planted by a Virtual Adept codenamed Ampersand. The Cypherpunk really flamed Syd until the boy finally got the idea that there were Forces Out There That Had to Be Avoided. He swallowed his pride and took some tutelage from Ampersand, receiving his initiation into the Tradition in a series of email courses.

Syd has still never met his Mentor, but the mysterious entity shows up by email or on IC chats now and then. Syd’s beginning to suspect that he’s not on Earth at all, but is transmitting from the Umbra.

For now, he’s keeping a low profile and finishing school. When he needs to, he can manipulate his mom with Mind Effects into allowing him to get away with an awful lot, such as having weird mages over now and then. He’s met Skip McQueen but thinks the guy’s lost his edge, selling it to the highest bidder. Syd swears he’s never going to become like that, tied down to a job where he had to kiss up to suits for money.

Syd sometimes does odd jobs for Jacob Torgue, working as a freelance hacker.

Syd Kowalcik

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