Ozymandias "Oz" Cody


Oz looks like a guy who works out at the gym a lot, and his suits are often custom fitted to make him look even more buff and presentable. His shaven head and neatly trimmed goatee add style, as does his good fashion sense (hey, that subscription to GQ wasn’t a total waste of time).


Architect by day, scourge of demonkind by night. Oz helps Buona Fortuna Security Services design innocuous devices and mechanisms to facilitate their mystical law enforcement. He also works as Katherine’s backup when they go out on the streets.

Oz is a quiet man, preferring to let his partner do the talking. He is still somewhat jaded by his lot in life, but he does his job and does it well. If James Bond had been a black man and a mage, he would look a lot like Oz. He’s more like Q, though, with his special penchant for designing interesting devices using scientfic principles yet unrealized by the Masses (or withheld from view by Technocrats).

Ozymandias "Oz" Cody

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