Gracie Park Heckel


Gracie Park is a pert and attractive young woman with dark brown hair and twinkling green eyes. Those same eyes can pierce the toughest corporate lawyer through the heart if necessary. Jeans and a native blouse are her standard costume, and she never goes anywhere without at least one piece of turquoise jewelry.


Gracie was a former reporter who covered the gang war for The Las Vegas Sun newspaper and Po Kai’s romantic crush from high school. She began soliciting Po for information on the odd occurrences in Vegas and grew closer to him. When Po revealed the truth behind the Mission of the Holy Ghost, Gracie attempted to write a story detailing the religious organization use of the supernatural narcotic known as Pigment. The Las Vegas Sun refused to print the story. With no other options available to her, Gracie published her work on the internet. She lost her job at the Sun and was then kidnapped by the Cult of the Weeping Moon.

She was one of Coyote’s Chosen, a group of children chosen by Coyote to Awaken and help defeat the prophecy regarding his death. Gracie was saved along with the other Coyote’s Chosen by Po Kai and his allies.

After the events of the Weeping Moon, Po became Gracie’s mentor and began to train her in the secret arts of Do. At the start of season Two, Po and Gracie are romantically involved.

After the events of the Algiers Hotel and Casino, Po learns that Gracie Park never received the information regarding the Mission of the Holy Ghost. She never lost her job at the Las Vegas Sun. She was never kidnapped by the Cult of the Weeping Moon. And she never awoke to her supernatural abilities.

Gracie is married to her husband, Harry Heckel, a rising politician within the Vegas Republican political scene and a avid supporter of the Mission of the Holy Ghost. Gracie Heckel is a influential reporter now within the Las Vegas Sun, having achieved much of her success covering the gang war over the drug pigment.

Gracie still conducts a romantic tryst with Po, cheating on her husband when she has the opportunity to spend time with Po. But Gracie won’t leave her husband, as long as he continues to help further her career and reputation within Vegas.

Gracie Park Heckel

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